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The most dangerous thing you can give me is a pencil

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Lake of Dreams from roy two thousand on Vimeo.

Lake of Dreams - Burning Man 2013

Film and Music by Roy Two Thousand roy2k.com/
Additional footage by August Winkelman and Connor McNeill
Produced by Roy Two Thousand and Crystal Dawn Davis
Drums and Percussion by Anthony Mogli Maureal

Made possible from the support of many many people, especially my kickstarter backers!
I’m very grateful for the huge amount of love and support I’ve recieved during the creation of this film
Thank you so much for watching, sharing, liking, and commenting:) YOU ARE AWESOME!!
Please join my very special email list for a free soundtrack download and high res stills from the film: roy2k.com/contact/email-list/

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Harmful Nature - Making of from Lightfarm Studios on Vimeo.

Pretty and deadly. That’s how we can define the deepest areas at the bottom of the sea. Accepting this theme as a challenge, Lightfarm Studios decided to create this piece that talks about the dark side of love. Check it out!

For still images and other screens from the production please visit lightfarmstudios.com.br

Want a wallpaper version? Grab it here:dropbox.com/s/oo1fn5mhn2wubjl/5816_LFS_Mermaids_Wallpaper_2560x1440.jpg

A Lightfarm Studios Production
Model photography by Mark Carter
Natasha Johnstone as the Mermaid
Soundtrack by Sam Dillard samostudios.com/
Fish models by Tim Klanderud