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Lake of Dreams from roy two thousand on Vimeo.

Lake of Dreams - Burning Man 2013

Film and Music by Roy Two Thousand roy2k.com/
Additional footage by August Winkelman and Connor McNeill
Produced by Roy Two Thousand and Crystal Dawn Davis
Drums and Percussion by Anthony Mogli Maureal

Made possible from the support of many many people, especially my kickstarter backers!
I’m very grateful for the huge amount of love and support I’ve recieved during the creation of this film
Thank you so much for watching, sharing, liking, and commenting:) YOU ARE AWESOME!!
Please join my very special email list for a free soundtrack download and high res stills from the film: roy2k.com/contact/email-list/

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Harmful Nature - Making of from Lightfarm Studios on Vimeo.

Pretty and deadly. That’s how we can define the deepest areas at the bottom of the sea. Accepting this theme as a challenge, Lightfarm Studios decided to create this piece that talks about the dark side of love. Check it out!

For still images and other screens from the production please visit lightfarmstudios.com.br

Want a wallpaper version? Grab it here:dropbox.com/s/oo1fn5mhn2wubjl/5816_LFS_Mermaids_Wallpaper_2560x1440.jpg

A Lightfarm Studios Production
Model photography by Mark Carter
Natasha Johnstone as the Mermaid
Soundtrack by Sam Dillard samostudios.com/
Fish models by Tim Klanderud

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Anonymous asked: IDK if you know much about BDSM or read the 50 Shades of Gray book (if you don't rly want to answer this, maybe you could point me to someone who's more knowledgable) but do you think the ppossible abuse aspect in it has been srsly overblown?


I know an awful lot about BDSM (been doing it in real life about seven years now) and an awful lot about 50 Shades, and:

No, it’s srsly underblown.  I mean, this is a story about a guy who repeatedly hits a girl who doesn’t want him to and doesn’t enjoy it.  That’s as clear-cut as you can get without the author actually writing out the words “He abused me.  With real abuse. I literally 100% mean that he abused me.”

Using the word “BDSM” doesn’t change that.  Having a “consent contract” doesn’t change that, not when he hits Ana tons when she hasn’t signed or really even had input on it.  The only thing that could make Christian hitting Ana okay in BDSM terms is if before each time, she said (or communicated to the effect of) “Please hit me, I would like that,” and she says no such damn thing.

(“The sub isn’t supposed to like it” is an incredibly dangerous line of argument.  You might as well punch a stranger on the street and say “you weren’t supposed to like it.”)

Also, he stalks her, yells and glares at her constantly, and at one point breaks into her apartment and ties her to the bed, and this is verbatim from the book:

“No,” I protest, trying to kick him off. He stops. “If you struggle, I’ll tie your feet too. If you make a noise, Anastasia, I will gag you.”

This is some serial killer shit.

(And then she agrees to sex, sure, but at that point she’s already tied down and he’s already ignored “no.”  What do you figure he’d do if she didn’t agree to sex, apologize and go home?  Her saying “yes” at that point is consent the way giving a mugger your wallet is a gift.)

There are honestly points in this book where I have to remind myself that because it’s being marketed as a romance, Christian will not actually attempt to kill Ana.

Seriously, this book series is the epitome of everything I loathe about E.L. James not taking the time to do some fucking research and realize she’s written a primer that promotes abuse.

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