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So here I am, at my table of mad science, trying to figure out what tidbit of work I wanna pursue next and my mind goes to wandering. I think about scenes from movies, funny quotes from online reviewers, issues of global proportion and where the hell I stand in all of it. And sitting here, with a warm (fat and at times, annoying) cat sitting on my feet, tablet in my lap and pen at the ready, it's funny to think about this moment in time and then re-imagine it in another space and time (no sonic screwdrivers though, alas). What did the land look like before my house was built? Before electrical lines were put up? Before roads were paved? Then I fast forward- How WILL my house look in 30 years? Will I get a hover-board when they come out in 2035 (dammit, Doc, you promised!)? Will the electric lines be buried underground or become obsolete? Who the hell knows?
But that's the fun in it all, that's where the storyteller comes in- to illustrate those questions for us, based on theory or imagination. To go off somewhere else entirely maybe, some other planet in some other universe where magic exists and dogs speak English.
So through all these flights fo fancy, I DO have a question- where does YOUR mind go to when you're working/trying to work/just plain bored? What do you come up with?

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